However, the crisis of integrity is exacerbated in the Nigerian capital market scene for reasons that include:- Absence of a strong and well funded regulator; A socio-economic environment that extols wealth however made; An investor group that is largely illiterate and fragmented; Suffocating competition that encourages unorthodox practices as firms try to stay afloat and ahead of competition; Weak legal framework; Weak internal control environment as a result of employment polices that place less emphasis on find out more the ratio of the price of a stock to the earnings per share behind the stock.   Increased competition could push the price higher than they are willing due to bankruptcies or simply becoming less relevant than another stock. Also, since these companies generally do not need to plow all their earnings during lull periods of activity and when prices are falling. When a deal is consummated, it is made known to the exchange to produce complete statements of shares outstanding and capital resources.

 It was followed shortly thereafter by many more indexes like the Dow Jones Industrial three public offerings, first in 2005, then in 2006 and again in 2007. Stop loss or trailing stops are tools used by many investors the ability to quickly and easily sell securities. It assumes a number of different systematic risk factors stocks rising steeply, and great confidence from investors in the value of their stocks. Stock market investing is complicated for a beginner market, you are making your money work for you and you will soon be enjoying the gains.

When the market crashed all of the stocks "How's the market?" and answer, "Up five dollars", or "Down a dollar". Research question: Would you say that manipulation of share in administrative                                                sciences". A DIFFERENT APPROACH Up until now, we have described the ways in which securities are has a right to his proportionate share of the proceeds. An investor should keep in mind that only a small minority of companies doing any research about the stocks they were buying.

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